CCNP 350-701 SCOR Certification exam mainly tests your knowledge of implementing and operating core security technologies. It is the core exam of ccnp security and CCIE security certification exam. This exam tests your knowledge of implementing and operating core security technologies, including: Network security Cloud security Content security Endpoint protection and detection Secure network access Visibility and enforcement.

Details of the CCNP Security 350-701 SCOR exam:
1. Exam Objective: 350-701 SCOR exam evaluates a candidate's knowledge and skills required to secure Cisco networks. Candidates must demonstrate both conceptual and hands-on abilities with technologies such as VPN, firewall, IPS, NAC, content security, cryptography, and threat detection/mitigation.  This exam focuses on conceptual and practical aspects of Cisco network security technologies, solutions, and implementations.

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2. CCNP 350-701 SCOR Exam Topics: 
- Network Security Design: Analyzing security requirements, developing security designs, addressing the integration of new technologies, etc. 
- Virtual Private Networks: Configuring and troubleshooting site-to-site and remote access VPN solutions. VPN types like DMVPN, GETVPN, etc. 
- Firewall Technologies: Implementing, configuring and managing Cisco firewall solutions like ASA firewalls, Firepower Threat Defense (FTD), etc. 
- Intrusion Prevention (IPS): Implementing and managing IPS solutions to provide insight into threats and protect against network intrusions. Focus on Cisco's Firepower IPS.
- Network Access Control: Implementing and managing Cisco's ISE solution for NAC including profiling, authorizing, and enforcing network access. 
- Content Security: Implementing security solutions to protect web traffic, email, and web applications. Products like CWS, ESA, WSA, etc. 
- Cryptography and Encryption: Implementing and troubleshooting PKI, IPsec VPNs, SSL encryption, MACsec, etc. 
- Threat Detection and Mitigation: Using solutions like Stealthwatch, FTD, ISE, etc. to gain visibility and defend against threats.  

3. CCNP 350-701 SCOR  Exam Format: 
120 minutes, 60-70 questions, multiple-choice (single and multiple responses) and drag & drop. 

4. CCNP 350-701 SCOR Exam Tips:  
- Expert in analyzing security requirements and developing designs to protect Cisco networks. 
- Highly proficient with configuring and troubleshooting technologies like VPN, firewalls, IPS, NAC, content security, etc. 
- Knowledge of cryptographic solutions and how to implement and troubleshoot PKI, IPsec, SSL, etc. 
- Familiar with using Cisco's threat detection and mitigation tools.  
- Hands-on experience with Cisco security products and solutions. Continuously stay up-to-date with new and emerging security technologies. 
- Passing score is 300 out of 400 points. Extensive preparation and hands-on practice are required.

CCNP Security certification validates the candidate's ability to secure Cisco networks and respond to security threats. The certification offers enhanced career opportunities for security networking professionals. 

Exam Fee: $400 

Exam Duration: 120 minutes 

Certifications_ CCNP Security, CCIE Security, Cisco Certified Soecialist Security Core 

Major Topics of 300-701

  1. Network security
  2. Cloud security
  3. Content Security
  4. Endpoint protection and detection
  5. Secure network access
  6. Visibility and enforcement

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