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CCIE Collaboration certification can help you to earn the expert-level job roles in today's collaboration technologies. To prepare the CCIE Collaboration lab exam, you should consider SPOTO's lab study materials and training. SPOTO offers customized study plan and real lab rack environment to help you pass the CCIE collaboration lab in the first try. Contact us to know more details!

Details of Cisco CCIE Collaboration v3.0 Lab Exam:
1. Exam Objective: To validate expert-level knowledge and skills required to design, deploy, configure, and maintain Cisco Collaboration solutions. With diligent study and practice, the CCIE Collaboration certification can demonstrate your expert-level collaboration networking knowledge and skills. The certification offers high credibility and career advancement opportunities. SPOTO provides online CCIE Collaboration v3.0 Lab practice, with the real exam Same exam environment, and exam questions.

2. CCIE Collaboration v3.0 Lab Exam Topics:
- Networking: QoS, call signaling protocols like SIP, SCCP, call routing, etc. 
- Unified Communications: Call control (CUCM, UCM), mobility, contact center, etc. 
- TelePresence: Configuration, management, video infrastructure, etc. 
- Network Storage: SAN/NAS for UC and TP deployments, NFS, etc.
- Management and Monitoring: Tools for monitoring UC and TP environments 

3. CCIE Collaboration v3.0 Lab Exam Format: 
8-hour lab exam with 3-4 collaboration solution deployment and troubleshooting tasks  

4. CCIE Collaboration v3.0 Lab Exam Tips:
- Become highly proficient with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), TelePresence Server (TPS), TelePresence Conductor(TC), and related products. 
- Develop strong skills and experience in designing, deploying, and optimizing Cisco Collaboration solutions. 
- Focus on areas like call routing, dial plan, video infrastructure, QoS, call signaling, etc. 
- Learn how to integrate UC, telepresence, and network storage solutions. Achieve an expert-level understanding of the technologies and solutions.
- Passing score is 1000/1000. Extensive preparation and hands-on practice required. 
In summary, the CCIE Collaboration Lab Exam assesses expert-level collaboration networking skills and proficiency with Cisco collaboration products. Candidates must demonstrate strong abilities in designing, implementing, operating, and optimizing Cisco Unified Communications and TelePresence solutions. 

5. CCIE Collaboration v3.0 Lab  key to preparation includes: 
1) Becoming highly proficient with Cisco UC (CUCM) and TelePresence products (TPS, TC). 
2) Developing strong skills in areas like call routing, dial plan, video infrastructure, QoS, call signaling, etc.  
3) Learning how to integrate UC, TelePresence, and network storage solutions. 
4) Achieving an expert-level understanding of collaborating solutions and underlying technologies. 
5) Doing extensive preparation and hands-on practice for the challenging lab tasks. 

CCIE Collaboration LAB Examination Content 

SPOTO CCIE collaboration lab exam material includes 3 modules_ TS, DIAG and CFG. 

Here are the details_ TS:




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