PMI-PGMP The Project Management Institute (PMI®) offers a professional credential for program managers, known as the Program Management Professional (PgMP®). PMI’s professional credentialing examination development processes stand apart from other project management certification examination development practices. PMI aligns its process with certification industry best practices, such as those found in the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing.  

Why Go for a PgMP Certificate?

Do you have the ability to manage multiple projects? Are you good at navigating complex projects in various regions, countries, and cultures? Can you coordinate several projects and align them to the goals of your organization? If you have these skills, it is time for you to take the PgMP exam, pass it, and be recognized for your knowledge, skills, and expertise. With your certification as a program management professional, you can enjoy benefits that will give your career a great boost. Here are the benefits of passing the PgMP exam and getting the PgMP certification.
  • You differentiate yourself from others.
The recent count of project manager professionals totaled almost 900,000 worldwide and most of them are PMPs. This means that even portfolio managers and program managers are Project Management Professionals. Being a program management professional will make you the best person to fill a role relevant to this position. Get more about ccie worldwide count click here.
  • You become more prepared for your job.
Before taking the certification exam, you need to enroll in a PgMP prep course if you want to increase your chances of passing the test. During the course, you will learn PgMP best practices that will make your organization stand out among other companies and enhance its performance.
  • You get promoted fast.
Because PgMP certificate holders are few, you will most likely be offered key roles in program management in any company. After passing the PgMP exam, you will most likely skip an entry-level position to a higher one and get promoted faster than your uncertified colleagues.
  • You will receive a high salary.
Program management professionals are rare and highly in-demand. Employers offer a high salary to attract them to their company. Their skills and knowledge in handling several varied projects across countries and cultures are highly valuable to any organization.

Passing the PgMP Exam on the First Try

If you want to pass the PgMP exam on the first try, enrolling in a PgMP prep course will be a great help. Many online agencies offer these courses. However, if you want a 100% guarantee of a passing rate, register at SPOTO, the leader in online certification training courses. SPOTO has produced thousands of certification passers sing 2003. The sample test questions it uses are 100% real, valid, and updated. Being familiar with the test questions and answers is good, but when you study with real test items and answers, you can surely ace the PgMP exam on the first try.

Where to Get SPOTO Review Materials

Getting the SPOTO PgMP dumps will save you from spending on repeat exams because you can pass on the first try. All you have to do is to register for the SPOTO online certification training course for Program Management Professional and pay the fees. Once you have sent the payment, we will send the PgMP prep course materials to your email. You will get details to access our remote server so that you can reach out to our support services and teaching team. All the questions and answers are 100% real and you can practice in a simulated test environment. Get more about spoto review click here.

About The Exam

The PgMP exam is a 170-multiple choice type of test with a duration of four hours. Of the 170 items, 15 will not be scored as they will be used by the PMI to evaluate the test items for improvement. The exam costs $800 for PMI members and $1000 for non-members. To qualify for the exam, you must have a high school diploma, 48 months of PMP experience, and 84 months of experience as a program manager in the last 15 years. Graduates with a four-year degree only need 48 months of PMP experience and 48 months of program management experience in the last 15 years. You can maintain your certificate by taking 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) every three years.

Exam Name: Program Management Professional 

Exam Code: PgMP 

Exam Fee: Member USD $800/ Non-member USD $1,000 

Exam Duration: 240 Minutes 

Number of Questions_ 170 


  • Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent)
  • 48 months of project management experience OR PMP
  • 84 months of program management experience within  the last 15 years
  • Four-year degree
  • 48 months of project management experience OR PMP
  • 48 months of program management experience within the last 15 years
PgMP Exam Domain
  1. Strategic Program Management (11 tasks) 15%
  2. Program Life Cycle (35 tasks) 44%
  • Initiating (6 tasks) 6%
  • Planning (9 tasks) 11%
  • Executing (9 tasks) 14%
  • Controlling (6 tasks) 10%
  • Closing (5 tasks) 3%
III. Benefits Management (8 tasks) 11%
  1. Stakeholder Management (7 tasks) 16%
  2. Governance (11 tasks) 14%

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Just ecstatic right now! Nailed the PgMP exam today. The spoto PgMP exam dumps were a treasure trove of relevant questions. Their mock test was super helpful for practice. Thanks, spoto!

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Hooray! Just cleared the PgMP exam in style, largely due to the spoto PgMP dumps. Saw so many questions in the exam that were straight from the spoto mock test. The preparation was totally worth it!

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