CCIE Routing and Switching V5.0 Lab

CCIE Routing and Switching Lab exam need you to master the ability that configures actual equipment and troubleshoots the network in a timed test condition. This exam validates all candidates go thorough knowledge of diagnosing, troubleshooting, solving of all issues which are a part of the CCIE Lab exam. Candidates need to pass your CCIE R&S lab exam within 18 months after you pass the CCIE R&S written exam. Most people will tend to choose SPOTO to study the CCIE lab. SPOTO offers a complete set CCIE R&S lab study materials to help our candidates save the money to get their CCIE number. It's a potentially big investment. Contact us to know more details! 

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3 weeks to practice TS module: TS1, TS2, TS new version
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Matched mac address on SW and PC.
R17: ppp ipcp route default is missing
Wrong mask length on R22.
R3 has deny ospf acl
R13 had deny prefix . i had to remove that line
R5: had many missing neighbors. I had configured them all
R21: modified to negh x route-map x in
R25:didnot have neighbor activated under ipv6, activated it
R19 tunnel has missing config. added them to match with R15
R7,R8- Missing neighbors configuration
R3: one interface was not part of VRF. Configured the interface accordingly
R4/R6: ip ospf cost 1000 on int e2/0
Tunnel 10 had ospf broadcast.
R21 had ACL and i had to put permit ip any any
R24 e2/0 had IP of NAS as secondary IP. Removed secondary IP.

H2- Same as spoto but each questions had more options than what we had on RDP.

SEC1: Same as spoto but i had to bounce por-channels on SW300,301,310 after i configured MST. PO were not in a consistant state

2.1 Same as spoto
2.2 Same as spoto
2.3 Same as spoto
2.4 Same as spoto
2.5 Same as spoto
2.6 Same as spoto
2.7 Same as spoto
2.8 Same as spoto
2.9- Same as spoto- ipv6 unicast routing is not enable on SW111
2.10 &2.11 – Mutlicasting is same as spoto but ip multicast-routing is not enabled on all devices. It took some time to see things stable.

3.1 . SAME as spoto. Only OSPF is preconfigured. had to configure RD, MPLS, BGP
3.2 Same as spoto. Crypto was not configured properly on R51 & R60. Matched it with R14.
3.3 same as spoto
3.4 Same as spoto

4.1 Same as spoto
4.2 Same as spoto
SEC5: All same as Spoto . I didnot configure EEM script

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