CCDE 400-007 Exam The Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) certification is the pinnacle of network design certifications. CCDE validates your expert-level knowledge and skills in network design principles and technologies from customer requirements to solution analysis, solution selection, solution validation, and optimization.
To earn the CCDE certification, you need to pass the 400-007 CCDE exam. This flagship design exam tests your end-to-end network design skills covering technologies across routing and switching, security, voice, wireless, and data center. The 400-007 exam consists of two areas:
1) High-Level Network Design: This focuses on gathering customer business requirements, identifying design constraints and risks, and translating requirements into functional specifications. You should be highly proficient in requirements analysis, scoping, work breakdown structures, risk identification, and leading open-ended discussions.

2) Detailed Network Design: This area evaluates your expertise in areas such as IP routing, MPLS, QoS, security, voice, virtualization, automation, and more. You should have an in-depth understanding of network protocols, components, standards, and technologies to architect and design solutions that meet functional specs.

Are you gearing up to take the pinnacle certification for network designers - the Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) written exam (400-007 CCDE)? This challenging exam evaluates your expert-level knowledge and skills required to architect end-to-end network solutions. To succeed in the 400-007 exam, you need to spend months honing your hands-on experience, studying technical concepts in depth, and practicing scenario-based questions. High-quality CCDE 400-007 exam dumps can supplement your preparation by providing realistic practice questions.
Advance your career as a distinguished network architect by earning the prestigious CCDE certification. Invest in authorized CCDE 400-007 Exam dumps and practice relentlessly. Experience designing and troubleshooting complex networks through simulation tools, lab environments, and real customer projects. Stay up-to-date with evolving technologies, industry best practices, and Cisco's platform innovations. Promote a design-thinking culture focused on context, creativity, and continuous learning. 

Exam Name: Cisco Certified Design Expert Certification Exam
Exam Code: 400-700 CCDE
Exam Launch Date: March 25, 2019
Exam Length: 120 minutes
Exam Number of Questions: 100- 120 MCQs
Exam Passing Score: Variable (around 70%)
Exam Cost: $450 USD
Exam Formats: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, Drag and Drop, Fill in the Blank

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Rosalind Beahan

The SPOTO 400-007 dumps are invaluable for the ccde written exam ! I used them for 1.5 months leading up to my exam date. The dumps helped me master the key concepts and techniques required for topics like QoS architecture design and complex LAN/WAN infrastructure design. After practicing extensively with the high-quality 400-007 practice exam questions, I successfully cleared my CCDE exam scoring above 950 out of 1000. The SPOTO study material played a huge role in my success. Highly recommended for ccde written exam 400-007 prep!

Robb O'Connell

I tried some third-party 400-007 CCDE exam dumps but they were no match for the quality and accuracy of the SPOTO dumps and practice tests. Their 400-007 braindumps gave me in-depth knowledge on topics like network virtualization design, routing & switching optimization and Cisco security solutions. The dumps were formatted just like the real CCDE exam and were immensely helpful for my preparation. I passed the challenging Cisco exam with an amazing score, thanks to the SPOTO 400-007 study guide.

Judd Davis

The 400-007 CCDE exam was quite challenging but the SPOTO dumps made my preparation very smooth. The 400-007 practice questions extensively covered all the advanced network infrastructure and design topics required for the Cisco exam. I was able to test my knowledge thoroughly with the various 400-007 exam dumps formats like MCQs, simulations, drag & drop etc. After practicing for 3 weeks with the SPOTO study guide, I cleared the ccde written exam in my first attempt. I would highly recommend these dumps, the best dumps for 400-007.

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